Iteratively is joining forces with Amplitude

We’re excited to announce that Iteratively is joining Amplitude.
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We’re stronger together
What’s next for Iteratively at Amplitude

Today is an extremely exciting day for Ondrej, myself and the rest of the Iteratively team – as we’re joining forces with Amplitude!

Before I dive into why we’re all thrilled about this opportunity, I want to briefly cover some practical points that are important for our existing and future customers:

  1. Iteratively will continue to operate and be maintained by us, as part of Amplitude.
  2. We’ll continue to support our free Startup plan and you can still sign up for a new account.
  3. We have deprecated our Growth plan and migrated customers to Enterprise for the next year free of charge, as of today May 12th 2021.
  4. We’ll be closing down the Iteratively Slack community this Friday, May 14th and joining the Amplitude community.
  5. We’ll be working closely with the Amplitude team to continue to improve Iteratively and look forward to sharing our roadmap and plans with you soon.
  6. If you’re an Amplitude customer and want to use Iteratively, get in touch with your Success Manager – or request early access here.

With that squared away I want to share a bit more about why this is so exciting and what’s in store for Iteratively – and our customers – in the future. You can also read about Amplitude’s perspective from Justin Bauer, SVP of Product at Amplitude, or tune-in to our upcoming webinar and Q&A with Amplitude on May 19

“We know that high quality data is essential to the success of our analytics and personalization products and through this acquisition we increase customer value by building a best-in-class data management solution that enables any Amplitude customer, no matter what their existing data stack consists of, to create a fully-integrated, owned source of truth for digital products and personalization.” 

– Justin Bauer, SVP Product at Amplitude

We’re stronger together

When Ondrej and I started Iteratively two years ago our vision was to help software teams build better products by accelerating innovation and growth through data. After spending six months doing extensive customer research and interviewing over 400 product managers, data teams and engineers it was clear that bad data was holding even the best teams back. 

With a mission to help companies rebuild confidence in their analytics we built Iteratively to empower data and product teams to capture high quality data they can trust. We’re very proud of where the product is today, of the customers we’ve worked with so far and the amazing team we’ve built. And this is just the beginning!

Amplitude was an early partner of ours and as we worked on strengthening our relationship we realized how closely aligned we are on vision and product strategy. With almost 70% of our customers leveraging Amplitude we’ve seen the power of what they’ve built and admire the company and the people. 

In Amplitude we see an ally in the pursuit to solve the acute pain points around data quality. They were the first analytics vendor to market with their taxonomy product and they continue to care deeply about setting their customers up for long-term success. Their recent release to Govern for example, is another testament to that Amplitude invests deeply in proactive data governance and we’re excited to be part of that focus. 

Ultimately, we believe we can get much further with our mission and help many more teams capture high quality data they can trust as a part of Amplitude than on our own, and when we realized how closely aligned we are, the decision felt like a natural next step for us and Iteratively. 

What’s next for Iteratively at Amplitude

Data quality is not just a challenge for Amplitude customers, but for every company out there leveraging data. Iteratively will forge ahead as a product that supports whatever analytics tools our customers want to leverage and we will continue to support and strengthen our integrations with Segment, Snowplow, mParticle, Mixpanel, Braze, custom data pipelines, data warehouses and more. 

While we’ll be working closely with the product and engineering teams at Amplitude to further integrate our solutions, and while there will arguably be changes to how Iteratively operates, we’ll continue to be a standalone product and our vision and mission will remain the same. 

Under Amplitude’s roof we’ll have the resources, support and reach we need to accelerate our product roadmap. We’ll continue to be laser-focused on data governance and management: expanding the sources and destinations we support, building a more feature rich experience and further integrating into the modern data stack.  

We’re eager to begin the real work with the teams at Amplitude and continue building on the solid foundation we have today. We’re excited to bring our knowledge and expertise to the Amplitude community and help many more companies get data collection right to build a future-proof data asset they can leverage for innovation and growth.