Iteratively + Snowplow Analytics destination support

Manage your analytics schema in Iteratively and validate your events using an enterprise-grade event data collection platform.
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Overview of Iteratively & Snowplow Analytics
How Iteratively + Snowplow Analytics integrate
How to add Snowplow Analytics to Iteratively

We're huge fans of Snowplow Analytics, and we've been working with the team on releasing an integration over the last few months that makes it easier to define, instrument, and verify your analytics on Snowplow's self-hosted data collection platform.

Overview of Iteratively & Snowplow Analytics

If you're new to Iteratively, we help teams collaborate to ship high-quality analytics faster without the bugs. We provide a visual schema registry for folks to define their events & properties and include a dev toolkit that simplifies instrumentation and QA. We integrate into CI/CD to fail that build if we detect any issues with your analytics before they hit production. Our goal is to make analytics less of an afterthought and instead treated like a P1 feature.

If you're new to Snowplow Analytics, they are an enterprise-grade event data collection platform that allows you to capture high-quality, real-time event data, delivered by a cloud-native data pipeline that you fully control.

Snowplow + Iteratively

They are ideal for companies who want to manage the collection and warehousing of data across all their platforms and channels. They are used by teams like Strava, Weebly, AutoTrader, etc. and 600,000 other websites and mobile apps.

How Iteratively + Snowplow Analytics integrate

At a high-level, the integration works as follows:

  • We wrap the Snowplow trackers and providing a codegen'd SDK that exposes strongly-typed methods for all events which we track as Snowplow custom unstructured events.
  • Our SDK abstracts away implementation details related to forming valid self-describing JSONs associated with appropriate schemas, contexts, etc. We expose a Scala Iglu Server-compatible API that you add to your Snowplow config.
  • Lastly, Iteratively exposes its registry to Iglu-compatible clients so no additional schema synchronization is required.

How to add Snowplow Analytics to Iteratively

Watch a quick demo of how the Iteratively + Snowplow Analytics works below:

Learn more about how to configure the Snowplow Analytics integration or create an Iteratively account to get started.

We're constantly adding more analytics integrations. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and any ideas that would improve how you use Iteratively. You can send us feedback in-product or by getting in touch with us at