Meet our new team members

Welcoming Justin, Andrew and Aaron to the team!
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Ding! Our team just got to level 6.

We're incredibly stoked to welcome two new members to the team Justin Fiedler and Andrew Kramarev, both on the engineering side. And a new advisor Aaron Bird. We're excited about how each one of them will contribute to making Iteratively a better place to work, and a better experience for our customers.

Justin Fiedler joins us from being an independent software consultant but previously had worked with Patrick at Hightail and Skinit. He lives in sunny San Diego, having grown up in Wisconsin where his first job was shoveling snow. His ideal vacation involves warm weather, beaches, boats, and snorkeling. In his own words, "Having experienced firsthand the pain points of analytics tracking in applications over the years I am excited to join Iteratively to help provide a better solution."

Andrew Kramarev joins us from Syncplicity, where he worked with both Ondrej and Patrick. He's originally from Rostov-on-Don (where "Don" is the name of a river), Russia. His first job he found on a freelance website in high school was to draw a dozen different landing pages for a website, the first and last time he drew something. His ideal vacation is all about visiting new places with his wife, especially if he can ski or snorkel. "I'm excited to solve the ambitious goal of getting Product Management and Engineering on the same page. Iteratively helps both groups work as a team and gather the required metrics together to make data-informed decisions."

Aaron Bird joins us as an advisor with a wealth of experience having previously founded and sold Bizable to Marketo. Asking Aaron why he joined, he replies, "I'm very familiar with the problem that you're solving but the #1 reason is that you're building a great team around you."

Welcome aboard!

We're solving a huge problem at Iteratively helping teams wrangle their analytics. We've gotten great feedback from our early access customers and we're building a world-class team to knock it out of the park. If you're interested in joining us on this journey you can view our open roles.