How Chameleon improved their data quality and analytics process with Iteratively.

With Pulkit Agrawal, Co-founder and CEO

Chameleon empowers companies to create product guidance that helps, guides, and delights users throughout their journey.
San Francisco, USA

Chameleon empowers product-led growth companies with an all-in-one tool for in-product engagement. Their customers care about delighting their users with great in-product experiences such as launch widgets, tooltips and tours. And so does Chameleon - and they require high quality data to help inform their product decisions.


While still a small team, Chameleon was struggling with keeping track of their event tracking. The team was using a Google Sheet to manage their tracking plan, but it wasn’t kept up to date and there was no way of ensuring that what was in the sheet was actually implemented in the product. They had no source of truth for their event tracking and their data had become messy. As a consequence they couldn’t rely on their data for decision-making.

"We weren't really leveraging analytics because we couldn't rely on the quality of the data."

Co-founder and CEO

The team also struggled to easily communicate changes to their tracking and work through tracking issues in a collaborative way. It was clear that Chameleon was missing a way for the team to work together on defining, instrumenting and validating their tracking to ensure they had high-quality data to work with downstream.


Chameleon was looking for a solution to solve their data quality issues. They were leveraging Segment for data collection and processing and Mixpanel for reporting and ad hoc analysis. Integrating Iteratively alongside their existing tooling became a no-brainer for Chameleon. Iteratively has become the source of truth for their event tracking and the place for collaboration around analytics where stakeholders can request changes and work together on defining new events.

Now Chameleon has structured and logical schemas and are able to enforce consistent naming conventions across their events. The process of creating and implementing new events has been greatly improved - leveraging templates for consistency and using the developer tooling to validate that the events have been implemented according to the tracking plan.

"Since adopting Iteratively, we’ve been able to leverage our analytics much more because of the improvement in the quality of our data."

Co-founder and CEO


Chameleon has seen clear improvements in the quality of their data and started to rely more on data to drive their product decisions. Adopting Iteratively has improved the overall culture around analytics and has helped establish clear processes for defining, implementing and evolving Chameleon’s analytics tracking and eased collaboration between growth, product and engineering teams.

“Iteratively was a big cultural push for us and empowered us to get our tracking in order and finally improve the quality of our data.”

Co-founder and CEO