Does Iteratively see my data?

No, we do not see any events that you send to your analytics destinations. We only capture metadata around your analytics to help you diagnose and validate that your analytics are working as expected.

Does Iteratively slow down my application?

No, we are a thin wrapper over your existing analytics clients. We validate the data that you're sending is correct and log any data that doesn't pass.

Am I locked in to another analytics provider?

Nope, our goal is to provide you flexibility. If you decide that Iteratively is not right for you, close your account and our SDKs continue to work as is. You can export your analytics schema at anytime.

Does this replace Segment, Amplitude, or Mixpanel?

Nope, we provide you a much better experience when using these solutions. Our goal is to ensure that analytics are captured correctly and consistently so that you can trust your data.