Tired of wrestling with your analytics tracking?

Capture clean analytics consistently across teams & platforms by eliminating human error — no infrastructure changes required.
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Tracking plans get your whole company on the same page about customer data.
If you feel the pain of inconsistent implementation of your analytic's tracking plan throughout your touchpoints, then what they're working on will blow your mind 🤯
— Olivier Dupuis, Founder Lantrns Analytics
Olivier Dupuis
Avoid messy data
One centralized tracking plan that enforces a consistent taxonomy and creates a single source of truth for event definitions.
Eliminate human error
Stop wasting time cleaning up bad data, ensure that analytics is being tracked consistently across data sources from the start.
Prevent data quality issues
Goodbye manual QA, instead catch analytics bugs before they happen with automated reports and alerts.
Ensure data privacy & security
Specify PII enforcement rules to protect yourself from sending sensitive data to your analytics providers.

Keep your analytics backend

100% client-side, works with 3rd party & custom backends — no infrastructure changes required.
Single source of truth
Always up-to-date tracking plan for your entire company.
Established best practices
Standardized naming conventions & a company-wide taxonomy.
Automatic & beautiful docs
No more having to hunt through spec documents or Jira tickets.
Cross-platform support
Type-safe auto-generated libraries for every developer platform.
Quality assurance built in
Automatic build & run-time validation that you can hook into your pipeline.
Adopt incrementally
Add into your workflow at your own pace. Start with just a single event.