Tired of wrestling with your analytics tracking?

Capture clean analytics consistently across teams & platforms by eliminating human error — no infrastructure changes required.

Maintain consistency and high standards for analytics

  • Replace spreadsheets with one centralized tracking plan
  • Focus on business metrics & establish lineage to events
  • Trust your analytics for experiments & real-time workflows

Eliminate human error in the engineering workflow

  • Minimize turnaround time when adding & changing events
  • Instrument product analytics quickly without reading specs
  • Make fewer mistakes with inline docs and code completion

Ensure reliable tracking and keep quality high

  • Automatic QA and reporting against your tracking plan
  • Refactor & build new features without worrying that you might break analytics

Keep your analytics backend

100% client-side, works with 3rd party & custom backends — no infrastructure changes required.
Single source of truth
Always up-to-date tracking plan for your entire company.
Established best practices
Standardized naming conventions & company-wide taxonomy.
Automatic & beautiful docs
No more having to hunt through spec documents or Jira tickets.
Cross-platform support
Type-safe auto-generated libraries for every developer platform.
Quality assurance built in
Automatic build-time & run-time validation that you can hook into CI/CD.
Adopt incrementally
Add into your workflow at your own pace. Start with just a single event.