A plan for every team size

Pay monthly
Free for small teams
Tailored to your team
Separate your Iteratively account into multiple product workspaces.
Write seats
Invite your team to help define and instrument analytics. View-only users are free.
Capture data from all of your development platforms including mobile, web and your backend.
Choose where you send your data, from third-party analytics tools to custom data pipelines.
Unlimited & custom
Customer support
Get access to highly-trained support teams with quick response times.
Priority support
Dedicated  CSM
Collaboration integrations
Collaborate with your team with commenting, Slack and Jira integrations.
Unlimited version history
Go back in time to see how your analytics schema has evolved.
Define groups of properties that can quickly be applied to events or sources.
Property Library
Define groups of properties to be called with every user, group or page property.
CI/CD integration
Automate the QA process and prevent data integrity issues before they hit production.
Live event debugger
Diagnose data quality issues in dev and production with actionable reports and alerts.
In development
In development
In production
Approval workflows
Collaborate with your entire team and approve changes to your tracking plan with merge requests and approvals.
Roles & permissions
Manage user with different levels of read and write permissions.
PII enforcement
Block PII data at the source from going to third-party tools.
Allow teams to work on the tracking plan simultaneously with git-like branching functionality.
Per event destinations
Configure event routing to your analytics destinations at the event-level for increased flexibility.
Single sign-on
Manage employee access at scale with secure single sign-on.
Google apps
Google apps
Custom onboarding
Work  with our product and customer success teams to ensure a smooth and tailored onboarding experience.
Insight into product roadmap
Get an early look at upcoming features with quarterly 1:1 product roadmap meetings.
Two-factor authentication
Enforce two-factor authentication on everyone within your organization.
User & security reporting
View audit logs of all activity within your organization.
Free forever
✓ 3 write seats
✓ 3 sources
✓ 1 destination
✓ Community support
✓ 20 write seats
✓ 5 sources
✓ 3 destinations
✓ Priority support
✓ Unlimited write seats
✓ Unlimited sources
✓ Unlimited destinations
✓ Dedicated CSM

Questions about the plans?

Every 30-day trial is fully featured. No credit card required. Pay monthly, or annually for a discount.

Do you have a free plan?

Yes, we offer a free plan that's tailored to smaller teams who are just getting started with analytics tracking.

What happens if we go over my limit?

Your team will be automatically upgraded at your next billing cycle based on your usage of the product.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and ACH. You can choose to be billed via invoice for annual subscriptions.

What happens if I cancel my paid plan?

When you cancel your plan, you will remain on the plan until the end of your billing cycle, at which time the plan will be canceled and we'll downgrade you to our free tier.

How safe is our data?

We're built on modern cloud infrastructure and have prioritized security and privacy to ensure the safety of your data.
Security overview →

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. We're compliant with GDPR with clear privacy policies, data portability, and a DPA available for all.
Terms and policies →